A few reminders for driving in Sydney, Australia (infographic)

Sydney, being one of the busiest cities in Australia, can sure be a challenge when it comes to driving. Especially now that the weather is warmer, lots of the locals and tourists are surely looking forward to cool off to the nearby beaches during the weekend or just drive and explore the city more. We prepared a few tips and reminders, some of which are pretty obvious but we sometimes we tend to forget. And if you’re a tourist and wishing to drive around and visit the popular surfing areas of Sydney’s northern beaches, then it’s better to be familiar with a few traffic rules in the city.

A guide to Sydney’s Northern Beaches

The weather is getting warmer and we all know that summer is just around the corner. For most people, there’s nowhere else to go but the beach. Luckily, within 15-20 minutes drive from Sydney’s central business district, lies the finest beaches and restaurants that Australia can offer. While locals love Sydney’s northern beaches a lot, tourists also make an effort to visit the shores for it’s famous restaurants and coffee shops. If you’re up for a little road trip, it would be nice to visit all the beaches. Read more

Spring in Australia

Spring has finally started in “the lucky country” . While the other countries are already experiencing the gloomy days and cold weathers, the warm weather in Australia is just starting to bloom. Lots of people, not only the locals but also tourists are sure excited for this season. Who isn’t?
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What to watch out for in Sydney this Winter: Foodie Edition

Winter is definitely a season for driving around Sydney and checking out the various culinary events. So whether you are living in the city or planning to visit Australia, I would advice not to miss any of this events.
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Who really needs to hire a car rental? – and the reasons why.

With the growing number of tourists in Sydney and other parts of Australia, one can easily assume that they are responsible for the thriving business of rent-a-car companies these days. Although foreign travellers are a big part of the car rental industry, there is a wider variety of clients who needs a car hire service more than you think. Read more

Avalon: Sydney’s Hidden Gem

Traveling to Sydney? You cannot miss partaking of nature’s beauty at Avalon, New South Wales. Sand and surf, salt laden air and acarefree spirit enshroud this breathtaking region of coastal beaches. Dotted among the sand and surf are cafes and surf shops that add to the laid-back allure. Avalon is a region like no other. Once you visit, you will leave a part of your heart there upon that sandy shore that will stay cradled there until you return once more.
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Tips For Driving A Car in Sydney

Every city and country has their own different driving rules that should be followed to ensure a smooth driving experience. Sydney is one of Australia’s biggest cities, best known for its Sydney Opera House. Being the capital of New South Wales, Sydney also has its own driving rules and regulations that everyone on the road should follow to avoid any possible blunder. With this in mind, we’ve made a list featuring some useful tips that will surely help you drive a car in Sydney. Read more