Tips For Driving A Car in Sydney

Every city and country has their own different driving rules that should be followed to ensure a smooth driving experience. Sydney is one of Australia’s biggest cities, best known for its Sydney Opera House. Being the capital of New South Wales, Sydney also has its own driving rules and regulations that everyone on the road should follow to avoid any possible blunder. With this in mind, we’ve made a list featuring some useful tips that will surely help you drive a car in Sydney.  Let’s have a look at them;

Driving in Sydney tips

photo by Marek Panti

  • As an outsider or international visitor, you can drive in Sydney freely if you have the required documents/license necessary to drive in Australia. If your license is in English, there would be no problem for you to drive in Sydney. But if your license isn’t in English, you’ll need to get an international drivers permit from your hone country.
  • The speed limit in busy, urban areas is 50Km/h. But if you’re traveling on freeways or country roads, the average speed limit is 100km/h. This is when you don’t see any speed sign.
  • Motorists in Australia drive on the left-hand side of the road.
  • Don’t forget to keep your identification and driver’s license with you while driving in Sydney. The legal age for driving in New South Wales is 16yrs.
  • Like many other countries, drinking while driving is also prohibited in Australia and Sydney. The Blood Alcohol Level in Sydney is 0.05. It’s better that you shouldn’t drink alcohol while driving in Sydney.
  • Wearing seat belt is essential and has been active since early 1960s. The seat belt law is applicable to all the seats present in a car. Child safety restraints are no less important.

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